Torqueless Bowstring Loop


Torqueless loops eliminate torque placed on the bow string by the release. Extremely durable and easy to install!

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Product Description

Torqueless loop comparison

Benefits of a Torqueless String Loop

  • Eliminates effects of torque from releases, promoting consistency and accuracy
  • Easy to install and/or replace, even in the field (under nock versions only)
  • Outlasts standard d-loop material

There are three sizes to choose from:

  • 2.3″ The smallest size, it is great for putting below the nock, or around the nock on strings without speed nocks (or installing the speed nocks after putting the loop in place.)
  • 2.6″ This is the standard size and is perfect for below the nock, or around the nock for bows with smaller diameter speed nocks. It can be placed around the nock on bows with larger speed nocks, but can be difficult to install.
  • 3.0″ Great for easily putting on bows with larger speed nocks, around the nock.

NOTE: D-loop style torqueless loops that go around the nock require that the bowstring be removed to be installed, see video below for details

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Installing a torqueless loop demonstration:

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